[TxMt] Re: Introducing MateWiki: A Wiki For TextMate 2

Brandon Fryslie bmf at matewiki.com
Sun Jan 22 22:30:54 UTC 2012

> I thought you were asking for contributions to a community wiki. That's quite different from a "personal resource". 
> There are already sites like that, such as http://tm2tips.tumblr.com/. Also I don't think being a control freak is 
> compatible with the wiki model. It's nice that you want to share your work, but I still don't see the point of a community 
> wiki when there's already an official one.

Duly noted hahaha.  :)  You definitely read my answers very literally.

I want it to be a community resource specifically for developers using TextMate.  I spend most of my time writing code, not documentation.  So if everyone adds a little thing they find useful or a little bugfix/workaround, it will help everyone.  I will use it as a personal resource, in the same way I use Wikipedia.  Just because it is useful for me doesn't mean it won't be useful for others (and I am actively promoting making it useful for everyone who wants to use it).

By "Control Freak" I really don't mean over the content of the wiki.  I should say I'm more of a DIY guy.  If the community wants something, I don't have any problem listening or allowing other responsible people great degrees of control.  I just like to figure stuff out for myself.

BTW the tm2tips site is too linear for my tastes.  I'm familiar with it.  I can't look things up by subject like on my wiki. 

I haven't finished my site yet, I just thought I'd mention it since someone may find it useful.

Thanks for your advice everyone,
Brandon Fryslie

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