[TxMt] Re: Introducing MateWiki: A Wiki For TextMate 2

Brandon Fryslie bmf at email.arizona.edu
Sat Jan 21 10:01:01 UTC 2012

> textmate2 wiki with ads? 
> no thanks :)

No problem.  :)

> Why do we need matewiki.com (http://matewiki.com) when there is already wiki.macromates.com (http://wiki.macromates.com)?

I posted the first 5 reasons that came to mind an email or two back:

> I want EVERYONE to have access to it, not just me which will lead to a broader and more updated resource. The 
> macromates CSS theme is way too thin for my screen. I'm a control freak and want to be able to use it as a personal
> resource for TextMate bundle development. I'm going to put ads on it in an attempt to support my wild and not-yet-
> profitable personal projects. I'd rather figure ___ out myself then get access to someone else's ___.

BTW, yes I know everyone hates ads but I can either get a job and not work on TextMate & other personal projects or try to get my hustle on and do what I care about.  I'll set up a donate link soon since people are so vocally against ads.  ;)

PS If you are logged in to the Wiki the ad disappears.  Registration is obviously free and simple.  Happy?  :)
Brandon Fryslie

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