[TxMt] Re: TM2: Shows busy when editing with folders all expanded

Amiel Martin amiel at carnesmedia.com
Thu Jan 19 18:52:24 UTC 2012

I'm having the same issue.
One thing that has helped me in the short-term: If you option-click on the
arrow to collapse a folder, TM2 will recursively collapse sub-folders.


On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 8:29 PM, Ed Wong <scampy at me.com> wrote:

> More odd stuff happening when all the folders are expanded. Now that TM2
> is expanding all my folders in the drawer when it restarts or when I create
> a new file, it also slows down each edit I do to an open document. I get
> beach balled for about a minute with each edit I make (either a simple
> keypress or copy/paste). When all the folders are expanded in the drawer I
> have 400-500 files showing.
> When I close all the opened first level folders (which is a time consuming
> task in itself) the editing gets back to being snappy again. Don't know why
> editing a document would cause the app to scan through all the visible
> files in the drawer (if that is in fact what it is doing).
> Ed
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