[TxMt] Re: softWrap always on in Git commit messages

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Mon Jan 16 03:06:36 UTC 2012

On 12/01/2012, at 06.55, Adam Sharp wrote:

> […] when I set softWrap = true, the soft wrap indicator turns off, and softWrap = false turns the indicator on. And regardless of the setting, the text still soft wraps. Kinda weird.

Too many variables involved here for me to really follow it, but the default .tm_properties both have:

    [ text ]
    softWrap = true


    [ .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG ]
    softWrap = true

The latter is redundant since it is covered by the first, and first even has higher priority.

I’d suggest you remove these defaults from TextMate.app/…/Default.tmProperties and then try see if that helps.

When there are issues with settings, it’s generally better to _remove_ settings than add new (at least as part of the troubleshooting), as it quickly becomes rather complex with the scoped settings, the local .tm_properties, the memorized file type settings (in user defaults), a.s.o.

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