[TxMt] Re: Projects in TM2 Wikipage

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Wed Feb 22 14:36:33 UTC 2012

On 22/02/2012, at 20.32, Max Lein wrote:

>> Overall your writings include too much rhetoric (like ?useless? and ?revolutionized?) and
> This is not rhetoric, and I do not use these words lightly.

What purpose does it serve to state that a feature is useless?

> I did give specific examples from another field. Perhaps you're not familiar with digital photography (it's a serious hobby of mine), but apps like Aperture and Lightroom have seriously improved the workflow of people who are serious about photography. Adding a layer of abstraction was key here. 

That might be, but editing photos is a very different thing than editing text. The former works well as thumbnails, the latter does not, the former (generally) have auto-generated (non-sensical) names, the latter does not. I fail to see how a parallel can be drawn here wrt. managing the files on disk.

> Projects were the reason why TextMate 1 did revolutionize my TeX workflow (I used to use TeXShop before which back then could only handle one file at a time) […]

Are your latex files spread across different folders? If so, why? If not, then I fail to see how 2.0 is not offering you the same in terms of working with more than one file at a time.

>> … ?comparisons added for effect? (like Windows Explorer and BBEdit). 
> I have not added these comparisons for effect.

What purpose does it serve to state that a feature is “Windows Explorer-style”?

>> Pretty much the only ?problem? I acknowledge on that page (with 7-800 words) is that in TextMate 1 you can drag multiple folders to the TextMate icon and get one window with the files combined, where TextMate 2 will open multiple windows.
> I have created these pages after you suggested to do so earlier this month […]

And I am honestly trying to help you “argue your case”.

I think I have already mentioned it, but I need to understand what problems users are having before implementing a solution. For example in your case, I get the feeling that perhaps it is actually not the “files from multiple folders in one list” that you miss from 1.x but the ability for arbitrary sorting.

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