[TxMt] Editing (suffixing) multiple lines

Gildas Hamel gweltaz at ucsc.edu
Tue Feb 7 02:29:30 UTC 2012

I have occasional need in LaTeX to edit several lines of variable length, usually for poems, and add the suffix "\\" to each of them.

In TM 1.5, I selected all the lines I wanted to suffix and I used Text → Edit Each Line in Selection (⌥⌘A) and the caret was placed at the end of the first line in the selection. The suffix was added to all lines in the selection.

What's the best way to do that in TM 2? Presently I'm using multiple carets (⌘T) and clicking on each line to set the multiple carets. I would very much appreciate suggestions how to do this in a more efficient way.
--Gildas Hamel

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