[TxMt] Blogging Bundle dateTime error with latest WordPress

George Wyner gwyner at computer.org
Mon Feb 6 17:53:59 UTC 2012

I am setting up the Blogging bundle with a WordPress blog and running into what looks like a known problem:

wrong dateTime.iso8601 format

when fetching posts

I am able to post to my blog from Textmate so the basic configuration seems to be working.

The discussion on macromates.com and in the archives of this list referred to mismatch between Ruby's XML-RPC parser and WordPress, but the versions listed are all well before what I have.

I am running:

OS X Lion
WordPress 3.3.1
Textmate Version 1.5.10 (1631)
Ruby 1.8.7

I ran getBundles to update the blogging bundle to the latest version and also verified that the version of Ruby TM is finding is 1.8.7

Any advice on how to track this down? 


George Wyner
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