[TxMt] Re: Arrggghhh: "Remove MultiMarkdown support in favor of it's own bundle"

Fletcher Penney fletcher at fletcherpenney.net
Mon Aug 27 19:59:58 UTC 2012

On Aug 27, 2012, at 3:40 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

>> And installing a third-party bundle (eg yours) that isn't really supported any longer doesn't exactly give a warm fuzzy feeling, and is also beyond what a regular user should be expected to do.
> The MultiMarkdown support in the default bundle has never really been supported beyond the initial contribution. We can of course add Fletcher’s bundle to the index so users can install it via Preferences. I’m 95% done with the system that will allow third parties to add bundles to the index.

At one point, I thought there was an easy mechanism to choose between github forks of a particular bundle, e.g. to choose "fletcher/Markdown.tmbundle" from github instead of "textmate/Markdown.tmbundle".  That was the whole reason I followed certain conventions on github that I may or may not have done otherwise.  I thought, but could easily be mistaken, that this worked for a time in TM 1, but that was several years ago.

I recently reinstalled the OS on my development machine, and in order to get my bundle working in TM 1 and TM 2, I had to download from github and install "manually".  I couldn't find another way to do it (though I admittedly didn't spend too long looking.)

Is there a plan to make it easier to find and choose amongst various forks of bundles that are stored on github?  Or does each one have to have a unique name?  What happens if someone else creates a MultiMarkdown.tmbundle before I do? How would I "oust" them within the TextMate GUI?  Or if I fail to maintain my version, how does someone else oust me?


Fletcher T. Penney
fletcher at fletcherpenney.net 

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