[TxMt] Re: Any news on textmate 2?

Justin Catterall 100621.1 at masonsmusic.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 15:56:22 UTC 2011

On 30 Jun 2011, at 15:51, Sven Axelsson wrote:

> On 30 June 2011 14:32, Justin Catterall <100621.1 at masonsmusic.co.uk>  
> wrote:
>> On 30 Jun 2011, at 13:06, Sven Axelsson wrote:
>>> Is Textmate the current record holder now when Duke Nuk'em Forever
>>> finally have been released?
>> I just Googled for vaporware to find the (probably) huge number of  
>> programs
>> that have been promised *way* before TM2 (which AIUI hasn't even been
>> promised) and which still haven't arrived, and I notice that TM2  
>> has been
>> added to the Wikipedia page. Was that you?
> No, it wasn't me. The Wikipedia text was added in October 2010 by
> anonymous. Of course I wasn't really serious when I wrote the above.
> But as you may know, Textmate has already been mentioned along with
> other famous vaporware in this Wired article:
> http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/12/vaporware-2009-inhale-the-fail/
> I can appreciate that people find Textmate 1 "good enough", and I did
> so myself for a long time. I have however switched to Vim now. I will
> no doubt have another look at Textmate when version 2 eventually
> releases, but for now I am happy with Vim.

Vim was my previous editor of choice, but even after about twelve  
years of use I still find/found myself reaching for documentation to  
perform many of the tasks I used it for. TextMate, I found, had almost  
no learning curve.

BTW, does Vim do completion?

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