[TxMt] Re: Terminal from within textmate?

Brandon M Fryslie bmf at email.arizona.edu
Thu Jan 20 05:40:49 UTC 2011

I use the program Visor to give me access to a terminal from any program.  I
press 'Control' twice and it slides down from the top.  It is about as fast
quicksilver to run a command from any window.

Here is the main site:

Here are some instructions for improving it:

However, I personally do not like making it an LSUIElement because long
story short I can't figure out how to change the transparency with a
keyboard shortcut.  Instead, I use DragThing and exclude Visor from the dock
and application switcher.

I can't recommend this program enough.  I can't live without it since I use
the terminal constantly and this gives me the ability to use bash aliases
and scripts as fast as I can access a quicksilver catalog item.

Also, DragThing.  Stupid name, but it replaces your boring normal dock with
as many themed and tabbed docks as you have crap to shove on them.  It is
also a more versatile and better application switcher than either Witch or

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