[TxMt] Escape key non-functional only in TextMate?

Brandon M Fryslie bmf at email.arizona.edu
Thu Jan 20 05:20:16 UTC 2011

My escape key seems to have quit working in TextMate, but only TextMate (out
of the programs I've test it with).

Here are the essential facts of the situation:

My escape key does not work for completions, and in addition it does not
work for exiting dialog boxes.  When I press Control+Command+T (Select
Bundle Item) and change the setting to find by key equivalent, the key
entity DOES show up in the window.  There are no bundles mapped to escape
alone, but Option+Escape for HTML completion also doesn't work, and appears
when I enter Option+Escape in the Select Bundle Item window.

The escape key DOES work in every other program, included for completions in
CSS Edit, and dialogs in Forklift, CSS Edit, Chrome, Firefox, System
Preferences, Terminal, and various other things I had open.  Escape works
properly in Terminal to display a list of completions.

Escape also works in the programs Key Codes, Full Key Codes, and KeyDump*,
each of which print information about key presses.

I use KeyRemap4Macbook, but have not done anything with escape.  The key
worked for a long time with KeyRemap installed, and uninstalling it doesn't
seem to affect the issue.

So in short, it's only TextMate having an issue, and it does seem to be
receiving the keypress (in the Select Bundle Window).  It doesn't seem like
it is being intercepted upstream, and I never map anything to escape in any
other programs.

I'm stumped.  Anyone else have an idea?  Or an idea of why it would affect
TextMate only?
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