[TxMt] Mail-Markdown-HTML-Mail error

Christopher Eliot eliot001 at umn.edu
Fri Sep 10 01:26:37 UTC 2010

I thought this workflow should work, but it’s running into trouble:

I open a new message in Apple Mail.
I type the keyboard command for Edit in TextMate.
I write a simple document in Markdown.
I use the Markdown bundle command to convert to HTML.
I use the Mail bundle command Send HTML as email via mail.
I get “Syntax Error: Expected end of line but found property (-2741)"

Problem seems to occur whatever the language grammar is set to.  I’m using TM version 1.5.9, with updated bundles. I didn’t find a mention of this in the archive.

Thanks very much for any suggestions about a fix or a better workflow.

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