[TxMt] Re: Editing DocBook

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu May 13 08:42:28 UTC 2010

On 11 May 2010, at 23:18, Dan Steeves wrote:

> In GetBundles I see two for DocBook (one by Brian Hogan, the other by
> weppos), is one better than the other?

Probably, but which one is subjective :)

A little known fact is that the GetBundles index can also be searched  
via the web, e.g.: http://find.textmate.org/docbook

Here you can click the two bundles. Both have long readmes (on  
GitHub). That maight aid in picking which one seems most appropriate  
for your use.

> Is TextMate the best editor to use for DocBook XML on the Mac, if I'm
> new to DocBook?

This again is probably fairly subjective and as you say you are new to  
DocBook XML, I would rephrase the question to something like “Is  
DocBook XML the best format for my documentation needs” ;)

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