[TxMt] Re: compatibility between textmate and snow leopard

Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Mon May 3 18:59:23 UTC 2010

Eric Cheng <ericchengfudan at gmail.com>

> But since snow leopard I've been encountering more and more problems than
> before. And later I heard it's because snow leopard use Ruby 1.8.7 as
> default while most textmate bundles use Ruby 1.8.2. When I use textmate on
> my snow leopard Macbook Pro, a lot of bundles and scripts that used to
> function pretty well now don't work. Here I have the question, can I solve
> those compatibility issues by just getting the latest bundles from the svn
> sites? Or that textmate 1.5.* is just not suited for Snow Leopard, the app
> itself needs update to get full compatibility on Snow Leopard? If so, maybe
> I'll wait for textmate 2 before I write all my projects in textmate.

TextMate works great for me on Snow Leopard. If you're having trouble
with a particular bundle or script, maybe you should ask about that
particular bundle or script.


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