[TxMt] Shift-^P not working

Watts Martin layotl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 20:16:09 UTC 2010

I've noticed that at some point, the Control-Shift-P shortcut that should
show the scope of the text the pointer is at stopped working. Instead, it's
apparently reverted back to the system default for that: move the cursor up
one line and select everything between there and where it started, just like
Shift-Up Arrow would do.

I've used "Select Bundle Item" to see if there's a Control-Shift-P
keymapping overriding that, but there isn't. Actually, it seems like the
problem is precisely the opposite -- the TextMate keymapping has been
lost. I've deleted local copies of the "Text" and "TextMate" bundles that
were presumably updated or modified versions, but no luck in restoring it.

Any suggestions? This is almost certainly something simple I'm missing,
but... well, I'm missing it.

- Watts
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