[TxMt] Re: LaTeX Typeset & View

Daniel Stegmueller d.stegmueller at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 11:22:20 UTC 2010

I am mainly using pdflatex and xelatex with bibtex and tikz.
However, some colleagues still send me latex documents.

Alex, are you familiar with the bibtex implementation of emacs'  
auctex? I liked the search possibilities a lot...


On 27 Jan 2010, at 10:45, Jonas Zimmermann wrote:

> Hi Alex et al.,
> On 27 Jan 2010, at 01:14, Alex Ross wrote:
>> Hi LaTeX users,
>> I'm working some more on the Typeset and View command, we are going  
>> to replace the default command that currently ships with TextMate.  
>> But I need some information.  What process are TextMate's LaTeX  
>> users following for building their documents?  I'm sure most of you  
>> are using bibtex, but what
> Thanks for putting in effort. Although currently TeXShop is my main  
> (Xe)LaTeX editor, this might change ... My workflow usually involves  
> xelatex and bibtex, every once in a while a texcount. For  
> compilation, I use xelatexmk which is distributed with TeXShop IIRC  
> (this intelligently only runs tasks that have to be done, when files  
> have changed).
> Thanks,
> Jonas
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