[TxMt] Re: LaTeX Typeset & View

Jonas Zimmermann listen at jonaszimmermann.de
Wed Jan 27 10:45:38 UTC 2010

Hi Alex et al.,
On 27 Jan 2010, at 01:14, Alex Ross wrote:
> Hi LaTeX users,
> I'm working some more on the Typeset and View command, we are going to replace the default command that currently ships with TextMate. But I need some information.  What process are TextMate's LaTeX users following for building their documents?  I'm sure most of you are using bibtex, but what

Thanks for putting in effort. Although currently TeXShop is my main (Xe)LaTeX editor, this might change ... My workflow usually involves xelatex and bibtex, every once in a while a texcount. For compilation, I use xelatexmk which is distributed with TeXShop IIRC (this intelligently only runs tasks that have to be done, when files have changed). 


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