[TxMt] Re: PHP Grammar / Syntax Highlight Bug

Tobias Jung newsgr at tobiasjung.net
Fri Jan 22 23:24:23 UTC 2010

GreyWyvern <bhuisman at greywyvern.com> wrote (Fri, 22 Jan 2010 15:13:39 -0800):

> I understand how to make my code work with TextMate's grammar
> rules, however I would rather have the grammar rules work for all valid
> syntax, rather than just "clean" syntax.

And I would not like to see slow TextMate down (using much more complex
regex syntax for the grammar rules) because some people like to write
code that is, by ALL means that I can think of, disadvantageous at least.

> Just reporting what I'm finding here, is all; and hoping that TM's grammar
> can be made more robust in this case.

If it can be done without slowing syntax coloring down, I'm with you.
But I REALLY wouldn't like a slowdown just for code... see above.

Tobias Jung

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