[TxMt] Markdown Bundle: Headings Commands broken -- undefined method 'rstrip'

Sebastian Röder sebroeder at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 09:22:10 UTC 2009

When I want to use the Markdown --> Headings --> Level 1 [setext] /
Level 2 [setext] commands, I get the error message
"/tmp/temp_textmate.qXjdGq:11: undefined method `rstrip' for
nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)".

Textmate is Version 1.5.8 (1505) on Leopard 10.5.7 with the stock ruby
1.8.6 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 287) [universal-darwin9.0].
I updated Markdown.tmbundle to r11632 and Support to r11693 but it didn't help.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

The Code of the Headings Command is:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby -wKU

require 'jcode'

# Split document into lines. Get current line number minus one for
# previous, minus another for ruby being 0 based.
lines = STDIN.readlines
line  = ENV['TM_LINE_NUMBER'].to_i - 2

# Get length of previous line, using jlength for unicode
length = lines[line].rstrip.jlength

# Print same number of =
length.times { print "=" }

Regards, Sebastian R.

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