[TxMt] Re: git noob question - bundle on github: how?

minimal design textmate at minimaldesign.net
Tue Jul 14 15:53:03 UTC 2009

Makes perfect sense. Thanks you for the through explanation... "_if_  
there is a bundle in the Pristine Copy folder" was the part of the  
puzzle I was missing... Thanks again!

>>>> How do you guys do it?
>>> I keep the bundles I hack on completely in ~/.../TextMate/Bundles,
>>> and
>>> those I mainly just _use_ in ~/.../Pristine Copy/Bundles. That way,
>>> editing my own bundles in TextMate changes exactly the files I want
>>> to
>>> push out, while my changes to other bundles is kept outside of their
>>> source tree and won?t lead to merge conflicts.
>>> Going back to git, when you create a repository on GitHub it gets  
>>> you
>>> to a page containing step by step instructions for getting your
>>> source
>>> tree or local repository into the new remote repository.
>> I'm not asking help on how to create a git repo or using github etc.
>> That's fine... What I'm not clear about is how you manage the  
>> workflow
>> so that you don't have to copy the bundles to a different place and
>> just make the bundles you're using within TextMate repos themselves.
>> Or if you shouldn't do that at all? How do you "keep the bundles I
>> hack on completely in ~/.../TextMate/Bundles"? Do you manually copy
>> from the pristin/ folder first? Because the ~/.../TextMate/Bundles
>> only contains the changes you've made to~/.../Pristine Copy/Bundles
>> right? So you can't just push that without including what in Pristine
>> too. Or am I over thinking this somehow?
> Ah, I see. Sorry I misunderstood you before :-)
> ~/.../TextMate/Bundles only contains the changes from ~/.../Pristine
> Copy/Bundles _if_ there is a bundle in the Pristine Copy folder.
> That?s the destination TextMate installs to when you double-click
> bundles in the Finder, but you can just as well place bundles directly
> in ~/.../TextMate/Bundles.
> To summarize:
> - Assuming you start with a ?clean slate?, i.e. there is no version of
> your bundle in either ?/Bundles or ?/Pristine Copy, and
> - assuming you have a complete current version of your bundle around
> somewhere _else_, you would
> - copy (recursively) the bundle into your ?/TextMate/Bundles folder,
> then
> - do any git/generic-scm/other setup hubbub you want.
> After making changes in the Bundle Editor, your bundle contents will
> be changed _in place_, and you can perform your favourite version of
> the commit/push dance.
> As for combining a bundle?s Pristine Copy and tmDeltas, I find the
> easiest way for that to be:
> Just drag the bundle out of the Bundle Editor and drop it onto your
> desktop; the dropped bundle will include all of the deltas you want.
> Hope that?s more helpful?
> Martin

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