[TxMt] git noob question - bundle on github: how?

minimal design textmate at minimaldesign.net
Sun Jul 12 15:22:09 UTC 2009

Sorry for the noob question but...

I've just started getting into Git yesterday... (finally...) and I  
can't quite figure out the best workflow to keep bundles on github up  
to date.

I got a HTML + CSS bundles that a few people use and I've been asked  
to put them on github... So I'm looking into how you do that. Ideally,  
I'd like to just edit my bundles in TextMate, and push the update to  
github when I come up with new snippet improvement, command, bug fix,  
etc... But that mean I need to combine both of those (using mCSS as  
example) first right?:

~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Pristine Copy/Bundles/ 
~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/mCSS.tmbundle

How do you guys do it?

I did google it, but whatever I try I get a million posts talking  
about bundles on Github and not how they actually get there...

I'm pretty shaky on Git still, so I understand if you don't have time  
to explain the specifics, what I'd like is a general idea of the  
workflow... I can research the rest. Thanks for any pointer!

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