[TxMt] Re: Passing arguments to a Python script when you run inside TextMate

Adam Higuera ahig321 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 19:46:27 UTC 2009

What about something like C-u in emacs?
As in, press a key combination, everything typed after that becomes an
arguments string, then command-R?  command-R on its own just gets an empty


On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 2:31 PM, Allan Odgaard <mailinglist at textmate.org>wrote:

> On 8 Jul 2009, at 17:13, David Guerin wrote:
> > I just started using Textmate recently and at the moment I am trying
> > to get
> > some Python scripts working with it. Everything works great but I was
> > wondering how to you pass command line arguments to a python script
> > when you
> > run it?
> There is no support for this, it’s not that we don’t want to provide
> it, just that it’s not really feasible to do without bringing up a
> dialog and that would be a pain for the 99% where you don’t want to
> provide arguments.
> What you can do is simply read from stdin then TextMate will show a
> dialog, this is how I handle it in most of my scripts, i.e. read the
> arguments from stdin instead of command line options (when I know I
> mostly run the script in TM).
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