[TxMt] Re: Project expanded/collapsed folder state

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Thu Jul 9 18:38:09 UTC 2009

On 8 Jul 2009, at 21:50, Scott Haneda wrote:

>> [...] TextMate saves folding info using extended attributes.
> Nice to know, thanks.  Any chance you would be willing to explore
> a .directory that holds these attributes as a preference, that would
> also store those on remote machines that do not support extended
> attributes?

Absolutely not ;) Extended attributes is how this stuff is stored and  
it is far more robust than any proprietary solution I could come up  
with, plus such custom scheme would not solve your problem.

>> If you use a dedicated (s)ftp application with “Edit in TextMate”  
>> they
>> download the file, ask TextMate to edit it, and then upload it again.
>> It would be up to this (s)ftp application to preserve the extended
>> attributes of the file (e.g. upload it to the server).
> Ok, baring you being willing to look at storing extended attr data
> such as this somehow in a hidden and transparent way, I will look at
> talk to ftp app makers to see what they can do.

It already is stored in a completely transparent way. You can do:  
“xattr -l «file»” to see what TextMate has stored, and pretty much all  
the native shell commands (cp, rsync, etc.) will preserve this info  
even when moved to file systems that do not natively support extended  

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