[TxMt] Re: "Edit in Textmate" failing for Mail.app?

Jon Ippolito jippolito at maine.edu
Wed Jan 7 12:25:57 UTC 2009

Hi Dave,

Well, I've just started :) and probably wouldn't use it for quick  
replies. But my motivations for using Edit in TextMate were:

* Snippets make it easy to boilerplate responses. I know there are  
Mail plugins to help with this, but I haven't seen any with TextMate's  
Regex capabilities. I used to use TextExpander but the current version  
conflicts with my Dvorak keyboard.

* When I write a long email I often like to save a text file version  
for future reference.

* I work in digital preservation and know that all those Microsoft  
Word documents will eventually become unreadable. Using TextMate as my  
text editor, blogging platform, and now email editor lets me keep non- 
proprietary versions of all my documents. (I save most everything as  

Of course, there are wrinkles I haven't smoothed out yet. For  
instance, when I select part of a quoted message in Mail.app and Edit  
in TextMate, the overall quote level seems to increase for some reason  
when I return to Mail. But so far, so good.

/RNN (http://responsenotnecessary.com)

> From: "David Frascone" <dave at frascone.com>

> Do you actually find it easier to compose mail in textmate?  For me,  
> I've
> replaced all of my programmers' editors with textmate -- and I've  
> even gone
> so far as to set my EDITOR variable.
> But e-mail?  Is it worth the effort?
> -Dave

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