[TxMt] support

Michael Dewar mikedewar at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 18:01:43 UTC 2009


A problem that no-one's been able to help me with since the update  
still sits un-resolved. Is there anywhere else I can go to try and get  
support with this?

It's weird because I feel that I've paid cash for Textmate (which is  
fine, I think Textmate is brilliant) and therefore I should expect  
actual tech-support. However if it's a problem with a bundle then  
maybe that's not Textmate's responsibility and hence I must resort to  
the open-source model of posting questions in places, which is fine  
until that model of support fails, as in this case.

I guess I'm hoping that there's another forum somewhere that I should  
post to, or should I think about submitting a bug somewhere?


Mike Dewar

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