[TxMt] Re: Some newbie questions . . .

Thorsten Hamann thorsten.hamann at crt.de
Wed Feb 25 13:05:23 UTC 2009

Tach Adi,

Adi Sieker schrieb:
> Works fine here. On my german MBP.

yes, MBP here, too, with one of those new-fangled Apple USB keyboards.

> Have you defined some custom short cuts in the Systemsettings or
> do you have an application running in the background that catches the  
> shortcut?

No, I didn't set anything in the system settings; after reading your 
e-mail I even opened the keyboard mapping settings and pressed the 
"Standard" button to reset anything I might have set unintendedly.

BUT. I thought the Connect To Server dialog was from Textmate because it 
was in English, but it turned out that it came from MacFusion (a 
front-end to MacFUSE). I've quit MacFusion, and now the shortcut works.

Thanks for the hint!

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