[TxMt] Keyboards and what fingers

Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Thu Feb 19 09:07:22 UTC 2009

Keyboard shortcuts and what fingers?

Hello, been using TM for a litle white now, slowling moving over from  
BB.  There is a much stronger emphasis on keyboard shortcuts, I was  
hoping someone could help me out a little.

I can find data online with regard to what fingers go where for  
alphanumeric keys, the option, command, and control keys are largely  
not talked about, especially when used in combination.

I do tend to work on the left side of the board, since sometimes I  
move to a laptop, and it is missing control and option on the right. I  
also use the caps lock as a control, but would not want to rely on  
that for being able to move around as well.

"Control Shift <" is is a good example.  I am using thumb on control  
and ring on shift, then the right hand for the less than.  This is a  
bit of a stretch, and probably will be bad over time.  Maybe index on  
control and middle on shift would be better?  That combo them requires  
me to move my entire wrist down to hit it, which I wh

Or is there some strict rules for ergonomics and RSI prevention that  
puts a specific finder on a specific key like the alphanumerics?

Some of these are just hard for me to hit.  Control-Option-Shift-H is  
a good example, though I only need to use it once.

Any suggestions on how you have all adapted to an app that must use  
keyboard shortcuts to truly become powerful, would be apprecitated.   

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