[TxMt] Re: Latex bundle troubleshooting II

Eric DeWitt edewitt at hampshire.edu
Fri Feb 6 13:48:35 UTC 2009

Alex Ross <tm-alex at ...> writes:

> There are several problems with sourcing the users shell profile.   
> Often users have code that is not meant to be run, except when  
> starting a new terminal.  Other times, there are bugs in the user's  
> profile that prevents commands from working.  So, sourcing the profile  
> is inadvisable.
> I agree that it is inconvenient to maintain a PATH in the Shell  
> Variables.  In the future TextMate will have a better method to handle  
> it.  But we are stuck with the shell vars prefpane for now.
> —Alex
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I'm confused because TextMate does in general source your ~/.bash_profile all
general shell processing except, as I understand it, for direct invocations of
interpreters (e.g. Ruby, etc.) via the #!/usr/bin/ruby interpreter call. I
believe there is a generally accepted mechanism for separating login from
non-login shell scripting for most of the common shell startup sequences. What
is frustrating is that if you want to keep managing your path sane, you should
keep it in as few places as possible. It seems like following the general
TextMate approach to process your path via the same sequence that TM's
bash_init.sh uses would be most consistent, if imperfect. I've taken to using
the ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist mechanism which has it's own problems.


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