[TxMt] Re: Default file type

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Wed Feb 4 12:55:27 UTC 2009

On 04.02.2009, at 13:35, Adam Reynolds wrote:

> I'm trying Textmate out and wondering if it's possible to set a
> default file type. I'm using it pretty much exclusively for editing
> SQL and would like it to default to SQL highlighting rather than plain
> test
> Adam
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See http://manual.macromates.com/en/expert_preferences.html chapter  
22.6 OakDefaultLanguage
which refers to http://lists.macromates.com/textmate/2006-February/008276.html

In your case to set the default language to SQL simply execute the  
following line in the Terminal:

defaults write com.macromates.textmate OakDefaultLanguage  


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