[TxMt] Latex and SL : Could not open to check for packages ????

Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Fri Aug 28 20:11:50 UTC 2009


I install snow leopard (update) but now I can't compile LaTeX document  
with textMate

I get :

Could not open to check for packages
This is most likely a problem with TM_LATEX_MASTER

After installing snow, the symbolic link /usr/texbin is destroyed


	cd /usr
	sudo ln -s ../Library/TeX/Distributions/.DefaultTeX/Contents/Programs/ 
i386  texbin

Upgrading to Snow Leopard also remove /usr/texbin from my default PATH.

I create a text file named TeX with contents


and then I move this file to /etc/paths.d. I give this file read-write  
permission for everyone

Well now I can compile with TexShop and from  the terminal but not  
with textmate

I read some tickets on the net and after that, I rename

tm_interactive_input.dylib in textmate.app and in the pristine copy,  
now I can compile
  but I would like to know if this solution is correct?

Best Regards

Alain Matthes

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