[TxMt] Re: thoughts after a couple of weeks

Christoffer Winterkvist oprah at noodlemantra.eu
Fri Oct 31 08:33:04 UTC 2008

Yeap, I agree, split screen could be very helpful when you edit large  
source files.
One feature that I like in the (not yet released) editor Espresso is  
their way of handling the "Workspace".
For example if you have a large project and your just gonna edit a few  
of the files you double click them
and they appear at the top of the project in the "Workspace".

Here is a screenshot: http://macrabbit.com/espresso/images/ShotPreview.jpg

On 31, Oct,2008, at 0:27, Thomas wrote:

> I only miss a split screen feature in TM. Developing in any other text
> editor has become so painful since TM appeared.
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