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Mathieu Godart mathieu at coolsand-tech.fr
Fri Oct 31 03:43:03 UTC 2008

Dear Alex,

About tagging, have you tried using the CTags bundle? It is very handy  
to navigate source code, for many languages.

By the way, I am preparing a bundle to navigate (I hope to get  
something faster than the current CTags bundle), auto-complete and get  
info using ctags symbols. I need that for the C and C++ auto- 
completion. I still need to do a little bit of packaging work before  
this is ready to be used. And I am still wandering whether I should  
use Dialog or Dialog2: the auto-completion pop-up menu of D2 is so  

Best regards,


Mathieu Godart

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Le 31 oct. 08 à 07:14, Alex Rice a écrit :

> TextMate is a good value. It's a small, fast editor and it makes me
> feel productive. Can't wait to see what's under the hood in 2.0.
> I was just thinking about what I like in editors, and I still use
> Emacs and Eclipse depending on the project. I am switching to TextMate
> for a lot of other stuff.
> I probably would be using SlickEdit right now- it's a favorite! Except
> it's expensive and it runs in X11 on Mac; it's not a native Mac UI.
> Feature I really like from SlickEdit are:
> *  symbol/tagging system. I forget what they call it, but it can
> generate symbol lists to use for auto-complete and context help, for
> various different languages.
> *   keybinding emulation modes; e.g it has Emacs and a handful of  
> others.
> But anyways  I encourage Allan to make 2.0 the most awesome editor he
> can, and not spend too much time on everything and the kitchen sink -
> feature requests. Like the above, right ;-)  Otherwise you end up with
> a Christmas Tree, not a lean & mean text editor.
> Cheers
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