[TxMt] no suggestion for \cite{}

Jose Lobato jlobatog at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 14 18:36:05 UTC 2008


on typping "section+tab" the right code appear: 
then tab and when over sec: typing alt+scape show the list of suggestion
with the section to reference.


On including a bibtex reference using ^{ or navigating to the menu, no
suggestion window appear with the suggestion, only


Where xxxx is the last entry on my bibliography, then I go after the last x
(between x and }) and alt+scape, and nothing happen at all. It always
reflect he last on my Bib file (I try to change it and it is always the

NOTE: By the way the doc typeset properly and bibtex runs ok. 
NOTE: I'm on the last version of Textmate and the latex Bundle.

Thanks in advance

NOTE: is there any log where I can look for the exection or something.
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