[TxMt] Re: Compiling C/C++ using Textmate

Marc Feldesman feldesmanm at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 01:50:11 UTC 2008

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On Oct 9, 2008, at 12:36 AM, Marc Feldesman wrote:

> It returns an empty line.

Sorry that should have been:

ruby -e 'puts File.exists?(ENV["TM_SUPPORT_PATH"] + "/lib/tm/ 

If TM_SUPPORT_PATH is pointing correctly to your svn checkout of the  
Support directory, and that checkout is also up to date, this will  
return true.

> I've got 30 years of programming experience.  If I'm having this  
> much trouble after following the directions in 5.7 and especially  
> 5.7.4 to the letter, how do less experienced people deal with these  
> problems?
> Why doesn't Textmate simply set these preferences out of the box and  
> run without this much fiddling.   AquaEmacs works without anything  
> special.  SlickEdit works without anything special.  XCode works out  
> of the box.  Why is TextMate so fiddly?

TextMate also works out of the box, but you've elected to install  
prerelease code via svn.  Most people do not encounter these problems  
because they just use the bundles that are shipped with TextMate.


I might not have bought it if it didn't compile C or C++ code out of the box.   It is advertised as a programmer's editor.  I haven't found many programmer's editor that don't do the basic things a programmer's editor do, such as compile code with basic tools.   The instructions made it appear pretty easy to update and adding the new C bundle was trivial.  Only after pouring through the list here did I discover that the Support directory needed to be updated, and even after following the directions exactly, you now tell me that an essential subfolder isn't there.  How would I know that?  I mean, I'm grateful for your help, but this shouldn't really be so difficult to track down the source of an install error and a path/directory error.  

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