[TxMt] Re: Suddenly xelatex is not found anymore

Paul McCann paul.mccann at adelaide.edu.au
Tue Oct 7 07:44:34 UTC 2008

Hi Niels,

just noticed no one had replied to this...

> Error: xelatex is not found, you need to install LaTeX or be sure that
> your PATH is setup properly.
> sh: line 0: type: xelatex: not found
> When I run from TextMate "which xelatex" it gives me: /usr/texbin/xelatex
> In Terminal the same, command completion in Terminal works fine as
> well. Compiling the file in Terminal works as well.

The PATH as set in a terminal window is not the PATH that TextMate sees. You
can see what PATH is available in TextMate by entering

  printenv PATH

and then (with the cursor on that line) hitting control-R. I imagine that
you'll find "/usr/texbin" is *not* in the resulting list, so you need to get
it in there. Section 8.2 of the TextMate manual covers how to do this...


Good luck,
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