[TxMt] WebKit and Safari (complete)

Dennis Amrouche dennis at screenlabor.de
Sun May 11 11:57:26 UTC 2008


neither comand R or any other shortcut for previewing in browsers  
really worked for me.

I am used to have a preview in already opened browser windows and  
refreshing them manually.
I am switching to their windows by expose, spaces or click on dock-icon.

so its not a big deal for me anylonger, but the whole routine could be  
a bit easier.

I run leoprad 10.5.2, TM 1.5.7 (1436) and experienced the problem  
after clean os-install, and later on several combinations of FF2.x or  
FF3b5, Safari 3.x, Opera, Shiira.


there was a guy to be posting some code here for previewing html- 
sources in IE6 via Paralles ... he has then never showed up again,  
since I subscribed on this list.

Am 11.05.2008 um 09:32 schrieb Eric O'Brien:

> Umm...
> "Open Document in Running Browser(s)" seems to be Control Command B
> "Refresh Running Browser(s)" is Command R
> Option Command R is "Filter Through Command..." (under the Text menu)
> Which are you referring to?
> eo
> On May 8, 2008, at 3:20 AM, Juan Falgueras wrote:
>> The command ⌘⌥R in HTML mode to open the current doc in runnning  
>> browsers does not work properly (sorry, :)
>> it does
>> [[ $(ps -xc|grep Safari) ]] && osascript -e 'tell app "System  
>> Events" to set proclist to name of every application process' -e  
>> 'if proclist contains "Webkit" then' -e 'tell app "Webkit"' -e  
>> activate -e "make new document" -e "set the URL of document 1 to  
>> \"$activeURL\"" -e 'end tell' -e 'end if' -e 'if proclist contains  
>> "Safari" then' -e 'tell app "Safari"' -e activate -e "make new  
>> document" -e "set the URL of document 1 to \"$activeURL\"" -e 'end  
>> tell' -e 'end if'
>> but when you have WebKit running, ps returns you Safari as browser  
>> and then you run Safari  !!!  side by side with the current running  
>> WebKit.
>> You should open the url via open url in that case or open it  
>> looking for the real browser (Safari or WebKit that is currently  
>> running)
>> -  Juan Falgueras
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