[TxMt] ActionScript 3 bundle

Ray Merkler spamaccount1 at hindrances.com
Tue May 6 13:08:55 UTC 2008

Trying out the ActionScript 3 bundle, and I get this error when I try  
to build using mxmlc:

Loading configuration file: flex-config.xml

/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/ 
Support/bin/parse_mxmlc_out.rb:31:in `+': can't convert nil into  
String (TypeError) from /Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/ 
ActionScript 3.tmbundle/Support/bin/parse_mxmlc_out.rb:31 from / 
Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/ 
Support/bin/parse_mxmlc_out.rb:24:in `each' from /Library/Application  
Support/TextMate/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/Support/bin/ 

I can't figure out what's causing this. Any suggestions?
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