[TxMt] Re: unicode issue with QuickLook on Leopard

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Sun Jun 29 22:07:46 UTC 2008

On 29 Jun 2008, at 21:50, Vincent Noel wrote:

> I'm ashamed of answering to myself, but I thought maybe this had
> slipped through the cracks.
> Am I the only one with this issue, or am I doing something really
> stupid and obvious?

Sadly I find that some parts of the OS still assume stuff to be in  
MacRoman¹ if not explictly told otherwise (and some stuff can’t even  
safely be told otherwise, like pbcopy/pbpaste).

I’d encourage you to file an enhancement report with http://bugreport.apple.com/ 
  -- Leopard has moved several things to UTF-8 (like osascript), but  
some stuff is still lacking. Explictly tagging text files with  
extended attributes to tell the systme that they are UTF-8 is IMO very  
wrong, especially given that UTF-8 can be recognized with 99.999999%  
certainty (so even if one disagrees about making it the standard  
encoding, it can still be at least detected safely without mistakenly  
treating e.g. a MacRoman file as UTF-8).

¹ Really the “system encoding” which for US/Western systems will be  
MacRoman, a thing that comes from Classic.

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