[TxMt] Re: Closed Loop in latex_watch.pl of the Latex.tmbundle

Robin Houston robin.houston at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 21:15:18 UTC 2008

2008/6/26 Jan Michael <jan.michael at gmail.com>:
> Since a few days this doesn't work as before, cause I'm running in a
> closed loop. When textmate starts watching my main document (the
> thesis is splitted in several files) it successfully compiles the
> document with pdflatex and displays me  the result in my preferred
> viewer Skim. But after having done this it recompiles the whole file
> again and then reloads the file in Skim.

It definitely should not do this!

If you can't diagnose the problem yourself (see below), perhaps you
could send me a copy of your project so I can try and track it down.
If you can cut it down to a minimal example, that would be even

> Wether there is a bug of "latex_watch.pl" or it observes a file which
> is updated through the initial and every following compilation and
> therefore runs in a closed loop.

>From your description, it is definitely a bug in latex_watch. You are
probably right about the cause of it, too. I would guess that the
compilation process is changing a file, which is triggering a new
compilation, and so on. My code is supposed to detect this situation
and not go into a loop, but it sounds as though it isn't working
correctly with your document.

> My question is now. How can I analyze the problem (closed loop). Is
> there a way to put the latex.tmbundle in debug mode so I can see some
> log messages? I tried this already by specifing the projects variable
> "TM_LATEX_WATCH_DEBUH = dialog" but without any success. I didn't
> found the debug output on my disk.

If you set TM_LATEX_WATCH_DEBUG (I assume your version was a typo!) to
anything at all, debugging messages will be printed to the system
console. Early versions had an option to display debugging messages in
a series of dialog boxes, which it looks as though you were trying to
invoke, but that option no longer exists. You can see these messages
using /Applications/Utilities/Console.app. They should tell you why
the project is being recompiled, so you should be able to tell which
file it thinks has changed.

Let me know what you find. Sorry about the problem.


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