[TxMt] Closed Loop in latex_watch.pl of the Latex.tmbundle

Jan Michael jan.michael at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 11:23:09 UTC 2008

Dear users of the textmate bundle for Latex,

I'm using the "Watch Document" command (is latex_watch.pl in version
2.8) in textmate to have my masters thesis always up-to-date when I
change something in the tex file and hit save.

Since a few days this doesn't work as before, cause I'm running in a
closed loop. When textmate starts watching my main document (the
thesis is splitted in several files) it successfully compiles the
document with pdflatex and displays me  the result in my preferred
viewer Skim. But after having done this it recompiles the whole file
again and then reloads the file in Skim.

This is pretty annoying behaviour, cause I haven't changed anything in
the main file, also it takes loads of cpu, speeds the macbooks fans up
and is constantly refreshing Skim.

Wether there is a bug of "latex_watch.pl" or it observes a file which
is updated through the initial and every following compilation and
therefore runs in a closed loop.

I tried two versions of the latex.tmbundle so far. I think one was the
original one  which came with textmate and the other one was the one
from the svn repository as of yesterday. Both show the same behaviour.

My question is now. How can I analyze the problem (closed loop). Is
there a way to put the latex.tmbundle in debug mode so I can see some
log messages? I tried this already by specifing the projects variable
"TM_LATEX_WATCH_DEBUH = dialog" but without any success. I didn't
found the debug output on my disk.

What are other ways? Whats are your advice?

Many Thanks,


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