[TxMt] Re: Textmate Bundle - Show Scope

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Fri Jun 13 00:36:13 UTC 2008

On Jun 12, 2008, at 7:52 AM, Joseph Pecoraro wrote:

> The "Show Scope" command has been moved to the "Bundle Development"
> bundle:
> http://www.grabup.com/uploads/b2eee42888ab1dc4806219105a1b7174.png
> I had the same problem the last couple months, until I ended up
> finding it just this past week!  You will probably see some books (JEG
> II's) and articles that mention it is in the TextMate bundle as well.
> I have no idea when the move happened.

Anytime you can't find a command try ⌃⌘T and then type in this case  
'scope' it should pop up in the first few results.

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