[TxMt] Writing a Book with TextMate

marios tmtxpstuff at consking.com
Fri Jun 6 15:51:21 UTC 2008

Kevin Ridgway wrote:
> Hmmm, I kinda like Markdown for that kind of thing.  
> With Markdown links to the references, etc pages in one project folder.
> So I guess, as a web guy, I would probably choose Markdown bundle, and
> go from there.

Ok thanks for the replies
I compiled a small list to summarize the options at hand:

1) Option Latex ( Christopher and Thomas)

	* Can successfully handle footnoes, references and Indexes
	* Provides pre-publishing Layout options
	* Learning Curve
	* Markup can become complex and bulk up
	* How about cross platform  compatability ? ( Is it possible to get
stripped down textversions and such ?)
   Further Questions:

	* How about Project handling ? ( My reference stuff is about 700 Mib.
Keep in seperate Project ?)
	* How about Images and Charts ( I also have some charts that are done
with Omnigraffle Pro that I wanna update occasionally without loosing
reference track to the original Omnigraffle files)
2) Option Markdown ( Kevin)


	* For Simplicity
	* Easy conversion to HTML TXT and PDF
	* For Layout PDF Versions Prince can be used

	* Indexes , Footnotes and References can be used, however:
	* Brett Terpstra's HTML Index Bundle can be used.
	* If chapters are kept in single files, then this obviously makes a
conversion into other formats more complicated, need of Shell script
commands, etc.

3)  Option Scrivener in combination with Multimarkdown (Fletcher)


	* Allows nonlinear organization and writing
	* Supports multimarkdown  LATEX txt and PDF Export
	* Both Import and Export with footnotes and Anotations are supported,
provided, certain requirements in Document structure are met
	You want flexibility in your document - you don’t want to be tied into
a single document type. With MultiMarkdown you can convert your document
to XHTML, RTF, LaTeX, or Word .doc, to name a few. With the proper
knowledge, many other formats are possible.
	end quote
	* A Implementation Guide is available at the Scrivener formums here:
	* Template Support and multiple Layout options
	* Footnotes , Labels and refs conversion into markdown supported
	further Info:
	* Project maintenance might get a little out of scope
	NOTE: So this basically makes it possible to maintain your Book Project
Folder under one Roof as project siblings
	Also: Multimarkdown export option provides XHTML which makes parallel
Web publishing procedures and maintenance  of certain Book-chapters for
promotion easier
4) Further Markdown option (Markdown2Book Bundle by John Gruber based on
initial Scripts by Allan)


	* Designed basically for documentations:
	This bundle is for compiling a Documentation project made of several
Markdown files to HTML. It generates a TOC, a print version with all
chapters on one page and HTML files for each chapter. You can use
references to easily link between your pages.

	end quote
	( Haven't checked this out yet in detail)
If you have any additional suggestions, Ideas and also recommendations
how a Project should be structured in each of those cases, then please
let me know. I will then update my list and publish that in short on my

regards, marios


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