[TxMt] Re: CLI mate utility crash Leopard 10.5.3

Bill Bumgarner bbum at mac.com
Mon Jun 2 18:00:20 UTC 2008

On Jun 1, 2008, at 11:07 PM, Jason Throckmorton wrote:
> Well, I'll be damned. And a little embarrassed.
> Thanks a bunch, though! May your cookies never starve for milk.

Hah! Your welcome.

If it were my machine, I would immediately nuke-from-space anything  
related to Logitech Control Center.   It is an evil, evil piece of  

It'll screw up many applications that rely upon Distributed Objects.    
It also installs an input manager that, upon loading, adds a category  
to NSObject with such highly distinct method names like "-free".   And  
it drags in the C++ runtime into every single application, C++ or not  
(though -- to be honest -- C++ may already be in every application due  
to other dependencies on the system).

Totally unacceptable.


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