[TxMt] A long em-dash (and other things)

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 06:33:13 UTC 2008


I've always dreamed about a text editor that will show unicode to me  
in a slightly more suitable form than what I'm used to. Like a double- 
width em-dash (assuming fixed width fonts are being used) -- or even a  
double-width en-dash and a triple-width em-dash -- and visual  
differentiation between the various invisible characters like no-break  
space, zero-width joiner, and the half dozen or so extra unicode  
glyphs that aren't displayed very well in code.

While TextMate's "Show Invisibles" does indeed show no-break space,  
(most of?) the others remain invisible. And em-dash is rather hard to  
distinguish from en-dash :)

Has anyone else ever thought such things before? Certainly I think  
greater editing support for such unicode glyphs would encourage their  
use (which, at present, seems rather uncommon).

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