[TxMt] Commit bit on the Perl Bundle?

Michael Sheets bundles at textmate.org
Tue Jan 22 06:29:05 UTC 2008

On Jan 21, 2008, at 5:41 PM, Andy Armstrong wrote:

> Schwern and I have been chatting on IRC about Perl support in  
> TextMate. We're both fairly prolific Perl developers and would like  
> to be able to maintain the Perl Bundle on behalf of the Perl  
> community.
> What's the situation with getting a commit bit for the Bundles repo?

The current maintainer for that bundle is Gerd Knops (you can find out  
from the info.plist), so the best way to get patches to the bundle is  
either send them to him or to this list.

As James has said the general way to get commit access to an existing  
bundle is to have a good record of submitting solid patches. The way  
it generally works is that several people have commit access to a  
bundle and the maintainer watches to make sure the contributions work  
well together and follow some sort of internal conventions for things  
like snippet triggers, etc.

For bundles that don't have a maintainer you can send patches to this  
list or to me at bundles at textmate.org

Michael Sheets
TextMate Bundles Moderator – bundles at textmate.org

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