[TxMt] compiling *plain* tex documents with postscript figures (correction)

agl artemio at eresmas.net
Tue Jan 15 13:38:22 UTC 2008

agl wrote:
> agl wrote:
>> Brad Miller-6 wrote:
>>> My suggestion is that you you write yourself a little script  call it  
>>> mytex that calls plain tex and then dvips / ps2pdf  If mytex is on  
>>> your PATH then you can use mytex as the typesetting engine in the %! 
>>> TEX directive.
>>> Brad
>> Thanks a lot for your help! Although I am a total newbie with TextMate,
>> after some experiment I came up with the following script called
>> "alttex", which works like a charm (I'm posting it in case it may be of
>> help to someone else):
>> etex "$FILE" && dvips -t a4 "${FILE%.tex}.dvi" && ps2pdf "${FILE.tex}.ps"
> Unfortunately, my previous message was wrong. What happens is that
> TextMate's "Typeset & View PDF" correctly runs the first command of my
> script (etex "$FILE") and generates the dvi file, but does NOT go on
> running the next commands. So if there is already an old pdf file it shows
> it (that's what confused me), but otherwise fails. What did am I missing
> here?

I just figured out that 99% of the problem was caused by a typo in the last
command (ps2pdf "${FILE.tex}.ps"), which should have been ps2pdf
"${FILE%.tex}.ps". After I corrected the typo, everything works EXCEPT for
one thing. Namely, when I run my script for the first time (i.e., when there
is no pdf file), the pdf is created but NOT opened, and I get the following

Document '/Users/.../xxx.pdf' not open in application The file
/Users/.../xxx.pdf does not exist.
error number 256 opening viewer

even if the file exists. The second and further times (as long as I don't
delete the pdf file), everything works as expected.


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