[TxMt] LaTeX - opening PDFs

Gildas Hamel gweltaz at ucsc.edu
Mon Jan 14 20:05:11 UTC 2008

Yes, but I discovered that if I keep the toolbar of the TexShop preview 
window open, the PDF gets redrawn without my having to click on it!
--Gildas Hamel

gandalfxviv wrote:
> Okay, I got that working now.  I also switched to TeXShop since someone said
> that it puts the output window immediately behind the editor window whenever
> it refreshes, which is much better than Skim which doesn't even raise the
> window any amount when it refreshes.  Anyway, after compiling a couple
> times, sometimes TeXShop doesn't redraw the PDF until I click on the window
> to bring it into focus.  Anyone else having this problem?
> Keith

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