[TxMt] LaTeX - opening PDFs

Paul McCann paul.mccann at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Jan 10 06:19:06 UTC 2008

Hi again,

> Now I am really confused. I am looking at texMate.py, and I am not
> seeing neither a refreshViewer method, nor any mention of any
> applescript terms.  In my version, /usr/bin/open is used, on line
> 111, in a method called run_viewer. In which lines of texMate.py
> exactly are the applescript calls supposed to be at?

Ditto re the confusion: my texMate.py has "refreshViewer" defined on line
122 (and "run_viewer" on line 143). It's the texMate.py that's part of
TextMate revision 1455. I've thrown a copy of the file texMate.py from




if you wish to try to decipher its provenance! There's an identical version
of it contained within "texMate.app".

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