[TxMt] LaTeX - opening PDFs

Paul McCann paul.mccann at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Jan 10 03:09:37 UTC 2008

Greetings all,

I can confirm the behaviour Keith described: for me it's evident when I

1. start in directory "x" and create a simple "article.tex" using the
article template in TextMate
2. create a "deeper" directory in "x" and create another " article.tex" file
within "x/deeper". Add a simple line of text to distinguish the two outputs.
3. open up directory "x" in TextMate

The processing works fine the first time (eg on "x/article.tex"), but on
processing "x/deeper/article.tex" nothing changes in the previewer, and it's
not brought to the front. Similarly a click on the button "View in ((name of
preview app))" in the web output window produces no change (and no change of
focus). I tried with both Skim and TeXShop as previewer.

I did have a poke around in the latex processing scripts, but am probably a
bit out of my depth here. The one thing that looks a bit suspicious is that
"refreshViewer(viewer,pdfFile)" in texMate.py seems to use the filename,
rather than the path of the file to send the osascript to refresh the view.
In "Skim" for example, the command reads (in essence):

 tell application "Skim" to revert document "filename"

instead of something like

 tell application "Skim" to revert (every document whose path is

(I'll contain my hatred of Applescript to this set of brackets...) Is that
the command in your version Haris? If it is I'm surprised it could work with
two identically named files unless the act of refreshing was somehow
changing the order in which they were indexed. Anyway, I hope this might
give someone else a key to fixing the issue. It's also possible that I'm
misreading the chain of command(s).

Paul (happy user of the latex system in TextMate for quite some time now!)
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