[TxMt] LaTeX Bundle question

Brad Miller bonelake at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 17:05:18 UTC 2008

On Feb 8, 2008, at 8:58 PM, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> On Feb 8, 2008, at 3:22 PM, Geoff Vallis wrote:
>> On Feb 8, 2008, at 2:38 PM, Brad Miller wrote:
>>> I've put xdvi support on my todo list for a future texMate.py  
>>> release.  I think I would prefer to make texMate smart enough that  
>>> if xdvi is the viewer the dvips step is skipped.  That would keep  
>>> all the other options and preferences intact without creating  
>>> another shortcut.
>>> My one concern about this path going forward is that latex itself  
>>> seems more and more insistent on producing pdf output.  I tried a  
>>> couple of old documents yesterday  and even using the -output- 
>>> format=dvi option latex still created a pdf file for me.
>> I agree that PDF is more common, and may be the way forward, at  
>> least on the Mac. However, xdvi is actually a nice piece of software.
>> But I'm surprised that you get pdf output when using 'latex'. Under  
>> texlive 2007, latex and pdflatex are both symbolic links to pdftex,  
>> and pdftex parses the calling command to decide whether a dvi or  
>> pdf file is produced, unless overruled by 'output-format'. In the  
>> past, a line at the top of the file like %pdflatex was sometimes  
>> used to indicate the format output, and it might be causing trouble  
>> if still there.
> Brad, to what extent would it be possible to have texMate.py be  
> something that people can use as a library? I.e. you would, say,  
> import it, and then you could do something like  
> "get_master_filename()" etc. So that custom commands could easily  
> take advantage of what it can do. Or is this already possible?


My goal for texMate.py was to make a single python command that could  
be used in many different bundle commands.  So we have:

texMate.py latex 1
texMate.py sync 1
texMate.py bibtex 1

etc.   (yeah, the 1 is a hack to tell whether the script is run as a  
TM command or from one of the javascript buttons in the window)

At the time of the big rewrite I was more or less following the  
philosophy of the dialog and other TM utilities.

Of course it would certainly be possible to do some refactoring to  
achieve both.
1.  A library of Python functions useful for working with LaTex
2.  A simple texMate.py command that uses the library.

The benefit of moving this direction is that it would be simpler for  
others to add their own custom commands building on the library.


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